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Dema's Academy, LLC is a Nursing Assistant Training School. If you found yourself here, it isn't by chance - you are surely considering a career in nursing. We are extremely happy and very excited that you are considering Dema’s Academy to pursue your nursing goals and to become a part of this great and rewarding profession - nursing. You have made a decision that will offer you guaranteed employment and steady income for the rest of your life. Because of your decision to become a Nursing Assistant, you will soon be adding to the family of individuals who think critically, deliver compassionate care, and want to make an impact in the daily lives of those who cannot care for themselves.

Our students are prepared to become competent care givers, provide culturally sensitive care to diverse populations within our community and beyond. The curriculum emphasizes on basic health care, health promotion, restoration, patient education and self care as outlined in the curriculum guidelines approved by the Maryland Board of Nursing and the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

Thank you very much for considering DA for your career goals and hope to seeing you soon.


Yvonne Ade Nwana
Student Testimonials

"I feel very excited being an ex-student of Dema's Academy. I acquired great knowledge and compassion about humanity in this school. Learning to understand people and give them loving care and affection really changed my whole life."


"Dema’s Academy is a great school. The training staff are real professionals — they practise what they teach, and make you feel like you are already one of them. If you want to join this noble profession called nursing, DA is surely the right place to start." 


"Commendable career path! After High School, nursing was my dream career. I chose Dema's Academy for the CNA program. While working as a nursing assistant in a reputable home in our community, I am now capable of paying my fees for the LPN program. "


"Happy with the very flexible payment plan. Happy with the time table with varying options, that could match my busy schedule. Happy with the professionalism of the trainers. They really inspired me and I now see nursing as the only noble profession."


"Great School! Excellent Staffing! The best stepping stone to greater career in nursing. DA really helped me jumpstart my career, and my dreams are already coming true. Dream to become an RN some day, and much more..."


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